How and when will information attributes be validated?


I was filling out my driving license details and I added the category entitlements that I hold. I can see that this would be useful to any vehicle hire companies I do business with in the future as I could permission them to view my drivers license details when I hire a vehicle - the only problem is that at this moment in time I could add an HGV entitlement to my license (which I don't have) and since Mydex doesn't currently validate / authenticate this data it would not be of any use to the vehicle hire company after all. (Actually what would be neat is if the DVLA pinged back the associated points on the license and that was held as a validated entry too .......). Same goes for National Insurance number and Passport details.

Are there interfaces in place to facilitate this at present or is the govt still moving towards this?

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Short Answer

Thanks for your question. As you say, when you can give permissioned access to your verified information to organisations that are connected to Mydex CIC, that will make life a lot easier for you and provide great value for them. 

And the value of attribute exchange is being more and more recognised by organisations and the public sector. We have many conversations about this, and many organisations are starting connections to the Mydex Platform.

There three critical elements ot verified attributes

1. The organisation the data is being issued by is verified themselves. When an organisation connects to the Mydex Platform there are subject to a multipoint verification activity, so that we know they are who they claim to be, they are in control of the domain names, IP addresses from which data will be despatched.  This information must be verified before they can go live

2. The process by which data they deliver and verify has been captured or generated is defined and understood so that any relying parties can assess it in terms of meeting their requirements. Different organisations and Sectors have different requirements. Mydex enables organisations to make their own assessments and map verified attributes into their own processes and secure the level of verification they need.

3. The data has not been modified in transit or storage. This is a critical factor for any relying party working with data.

The organisation relying on the verified data can trust the data because of Mydex’s capability to: prove who issued the data - the connecting organisation that is verified as part of joining the Mydex Platform; prove the process of issuance of the data by the connecting organisation; and prove that the data itself has not been modified during transmission or storage. 

Taking a trust framework based approach with cryptographic signatures for the data and its verification is not like the social data sharing models we see on the internet today where people are asked to grant access to their information held in another account. There is none of the trust or verification about the data which is largely self asserted by individuals.  The Mydex Platform plugs the gap on trust and provides secure environment for all manner of data individuals lives, behaviours and circumstances can be securely transferred to those that need it with consent.  The other advantage it is low cost share once with the individual who then shares as many times as they need.  Organisations only need connections to those they serve, its more secure, it is more flexible and more scalable.

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