I need a simple, cost effective way to uninvasively verify the i.d.of my users to protect the other members. How can Mydex help me?

Wed, 04/05/2016 - 14:43

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Thanks for your enquiry.

Mydex offers Identity as a Service to provide basic registration, authentication and password management as a service.  This gets you out of running the username and password stack for your service. It also equips the individual with a privacy-friendly, portable MydexID that can be used wherever open standards such as OpenID, SAML or Mozilla Persona are used.

To Verify the identity of your members you would need to connect to an individual's Personal Data Store (PDS) that comes with a MydexID.  The individual can collect identity attributes and other personal data in there directly, which you can both subscribe to and store there as well e.g. profile, preferences information.

If the individual is already connected to another organisation who has undertaken identity verification or assurance of the individual and lodged a certified token or verified data in their PDS, you can ask for access to this as part of undertaking your own identity check (verification /  assurance).

As you know, verifying an individual's real-world identity and linking it to a digital credential is a risk-based assessment process. This is most often offered by third-party services such as credit reference agencies or undertaken by organisations who have passed regulatory checks on identity through the inspection of documents and various forms of evidence needed to meet regulations.

Mydex itself does not offer third-party verification services. However, we do enable organisations to streamline and reduce their costs of undertaking identity verification by equipping individuals with the ability to collect the required forms of evidence. These are digitally signed and verified, and individuals are able to share them with anyone they wish.

For example, Timpson recently launched the world's first identity shop, ArkHive by Timpson, which is built on top of the Mydex Platform. ArkHive enables individuals to digitally capture evidence about their identity, undertake specific checks in a face to face setting and store the outcome of those checks in the Mydex Personal Data Store that underpins ArkHive.

We hope that provides some useful guidance for your enquiry. We also have extensive documentation and a sandbox where you can try out any ideas you have.

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Wed, 04/05/2016 - 14:44