What is Identity Assurance and is it the same as single sign on?


There are lots of different areas of identity services and it is quite confusing.  Can you explain what Identity Services Mydex offers and what they actually mean.  I hear the terms identity assurance and IDV or ID verification and I hear single sign on or single sign in. Are these the same thing and how does a MydexID relate to these?

Also, what does GOV.UK Verify have to do with identity assurance?

Fri, 05/12/2014 - 22:41

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Short Answer

Single sign on and Identity Assurance have nothing to do with each other.  

  • Single sign on is about logging in to one ore more online services using the same credentials and only having to do that once during a defined set of parameters.
  • Identity assurance is about proving who you are through the execution of a defined business process that includes providing evidence to an organisation that is tasked with carrying out the identity assurance process.  These organisations are sometimes called Identity Providers but actually what they are doing is assuring the identity of an individual to a defined level of assurance.  That level of assurance is defined by the relying parties, those organisations depending on the assurance.  In the case of GOV.UK Verify that is the UK Government

GOV.UK Verify and single sign on. Again these are the not same.  GOV.UK Verify does not allow single sign on, yes it is a single credential that can be used to access central government services but it does not support single sign on. It is better to think of it as multiple sign in using the same credentials.

Mydex CIC provides identity assurance services to the UK Government as one of the identity providers.  Citizens selecting Mydex CIC get a MydexID and a Personal Data Store and a set of tools that allow them to accumulate verified evidence about their lives and the ability to share those verified attributes online with relying parties.

We also provide identity services for what we call connecting organisations that offer registration and authentication services for their customers using our MydexID. This enables them to achieve single sign on across their different services and get out of the username and password business themselves.

Many of these organisations also consume verified attributes which they use as part of their own in house identity verification processes to reduce cost and risk in their own online processes.  This richer approach to verified attribute sharing can be used more widely to deliver proofs of claim beyond basic identity to cover things like entitlement to services and provide proofs of claims across any aspect of their lives.

We envisage a future where individuals are at the heart of the attribute exchange process giving consent with personal control over their personal data and how it is used

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