Where is the best place to start with Mydex CIC?


We have a lot of systems and processes where we think Mydex CIC could help our organisation improve access and communication with our customers. Can you recommend the best approach and where to start.  How best can we set up our connections?

Mon, 15/12/2014 - 22:39

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Short Answer

Every organisation is different, we generally recommend following a simple process for getting started, which involves

  1. Choosing what to aim for first - Typically this we find means focusing on identify areas where there is a pressing need for change, an opportuntity to increase convenience for customers, represents a low risk and cost and offers the potential for a quick return on investment, feedback and insights that can be applied quickly.  Critically this must be something that can be communicated well to customers and all stakeholders and ideally involves the exchange of verified data that is of value to the customer.  Most organisations have a mechanism for building a prioritised list based on that form of assessment and this can set the context for a programme of work that meets the needs of the organisation and its customers.
  2. Planning and building a connection and launch plan - Once you have the starting place then it comes down to planning how the connection will work, what processes may change and how to communicate that internally and externally.

We have a range of resources available to support this process including a different use case scenarios for how you can configure connections to Mydex which will be different depending on your starting point in terms of your own applications and infrastructure and which are is your first connection point. You can see a range of use cases outlined on our documentation site. Please see https://dev.mydex.org/getting-started/use-cases.html

We have also mapped a range of different customer journeys into a matrix and briefing paper that we have found different organisations want to integrate with the Mydex platform.  These documents can be supplied upon request.

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Mon, 15/12/2014 - 22:52